Flagship Projects

Pure Stream has identified the transportation and more specifically the “Taxi” industry as its primary launch pad into the industry. It is estimated, that there are at least 200,000 minibus operating on the South African roads with an excess 0f 300,000 drivers. They are a major contributor into the country’s economy.
They are the primary mode of transport for commuters, especially in the townships every day. They have a greater reach than your average buses and trains with a quicker turnaround time. A greater spend of the industry is on fuel.
Pure Stream has identified this as a critical focus area, with a win-win solution for both the associations and its owners. The flagship project has seen Pure Stream partnering with Ntuzuma Taxi Association with discussions and agreements underway with the rest of the associations. This has also seen Pure Stream Petroleum engaging with local municipalities in ensuring empowerment of the Taxi Associations and expansion of the “township” economy.

Pure Stream Petroleum has received a 5 year renewable contract to supply atleast 15 million litres to Ntuzuma Taxi association taxis. A number of other associations are lined up and negotiations are at an advanced stage.

Ntuzuma Taxi Association