Pure Stream Petroleum products and services are provided to the following primary industries and clientele both locally and internationally:

⦁ Shipping Industry
⦁ Naval vessels
⦁ Aviation industry Civil Engineering, Construction and Related Industries
⦁ Fishing Industry
⦁ Manufacturing and Production Industry
⦁ Mining Industry
⦁ Research Vessels
⦁ Road Transportation

Our company can supply you with a wide range of fuels and lubricants, as well as fuel services. Said fuels and lubricants include the following

⦁ Automotive Fuel and Lubricants,
⦁ Aviation Fuel and Lubricants,
⦁ Construction, Manufacturing and Mining Fuel and Lubricants,
⦁ Marine Fuel and Lubricants,
⦁ Oils and Lubricants and;
⦁ Other related, chemical and specialty products.

Services include:

⦁ Bulk Fuel Supply
⦁ Fuel Bunkering
⦁ Automotive, Aviation, Construction, Manufacturing and Marine Lubricants

supply and distribution of fuel


We pride ourselves in fast and efficient fuel delivery throughout South Africa, in a range of quantities. Delivery modes are dictated by specific customer requirements. The following highlight some of the current modes of fuel supply:

⦁ Road Tankers to vessels, air crafts, retail sites or storage facilities.
⦁ Marine bunker fuel can be supplied through road tankers, pipeline and barge.
⦁ Road tankers are used when the vessel cannot be supplied through barge or a bunker pit.
⦁ Pipelines in port from central storage facilities.
⦁ Barges in around the port and harbour where applicable.
⦁ Offshore Tankers:
⦁ Used to deliver supply to vessels at sea, through ship-to-ship transfer method.